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Papas Arrugadas – Salt Baked Canary Island Style Potatoes
£5.75 TF0009
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Tapas Padron Peppers
£6.95 TF0001
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Crispy Gnocchi, Mushrooms & Spinach
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Vegan Potato Millefeuilles
£5.75 TF0931-1
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Oven-baked Cauliflower, Pisto, Toasted Seeds
£7.25 TF09244
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Ribollita Tapas
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Baked Vine Tomatoes, Wild Mushrooms, Garlic & Herb Crumb
£6.50 TF09247
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Champiñones Al Ajillo - Garlic Mushrooms
£6.75 TF0033
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Murcian Tomato, Chickpea, Piquillo Pepper & Caper Salad
£4.95 TF0019
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Almendras Fritas - Smoked Spanish Almonds
£4.95 TF0060
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Vegan Tapas Grazing Platter
£15.50 TF-V-099
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Romesco Hummus
£6.25 TF0929
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Freshly Baked Rustic Sourdough Bread
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mixed spanish olives
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Mixed Spanish Pickles
£3.95 TF0025
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Vegan Tapas Fusion Dishes

Enjoy a variety of Chef Mark Prescott's delicious Vegan Tapas dishes. Restaurant quality Vegan Tapas, ready to finish and serve at home.
Delivered Nationwide every Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
On the current seasonal Vegan Menu, you can find classic tapas dishes such as Padron Peppers and Patatas Bravas as well as oven bake Cauliflower with Pisto and Toasted Seeds, baked Vine Tomatoes with Wild Mushrooms, Vegan Romesco Hummus as well as a nice selection of vegan salads and vegan tapas sides.