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Taste The World - Provence

Taste the World – Provence

£63.75 THW-PROV-1
Party Box

Tapas Party Box (Serves 6-8)

Vegetarian Tapas Box

The Vegetarian Tapas Box

£63.75 TF-VEG-1
El Clásico - Classic Tapas Box

El Clásico – Traditional Tapas Box

£63.75 TFCLAS-2

Tapas Fusion Date Night Box

£63.75 TFDNB-3
Classic Tapas Box

Classic Tapas Box

£63.75 TFCLAS-1
Luxurious Lamb Shank Dinner for 2

Luxurious Lamb Shank Dinner for 2

£55.25 TFEXQ3

Tapas Set Menus

For quick and easy ordering, choose a delicious Tapas Set Menu. Try the Classic Tapas Box with our best-selling Tapas Fusion dishes combined into one box, ready to enjoy at home in just 25 minutes. Chef Prescott’s limited-edition luxury Seasonal Date Night Set Tapas Menu Box is ideal for a special ‘Evening In‘ or a ‘Date Night‘. The Tapas Taster Box contains 4 of our Best Selling items for you to sample at home. Simply pop in the oven for 25 mins, serve and enjoy. Or try a whole lobster menu with a choice of Lobster Thermidor or Lobster with Garlic & Chilli Butter, served with Canarian Salt-Baked Potatoes and a selection of Seasonal Green Vegetables. The Tapas Match Box set menu is Ideal for any sporting event…The Tapas Fusion Match Box is a rich and delicious selection of seasonal flavours and textures, ready to enjoy in just 25mins.