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£1.95 EC134INN
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Complot IPA - Spanish IPA - Mediterranean IPA
£1.95 CM19P6N
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Estrella damm spanish beer
£2.65 282965
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FREE Damm Alcohol free Spanish beer
£1.50 FD14P6N
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£3.00 ID13PN4
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Inedit Damm Spanish Beer
£6.00 ID34SRUK
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£2.40 DL13SRI
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Malquerida Roja Fresca Spanish Beer
£2.25 MQ134IN
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Victoria Málaga - 660ml - Cervezas Victoria 1928
£2.50 V113SRUK
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So what’s on the menu?

Wash down fine foods with one of our fine Beers. INEDIT Damm was created by Ferran Adrià, the world’s most award-winning chef, a Beer designed specifically for pairing with complex flavour combinations, fantastic with starters, salads and oily fish. Also a distinguished favourite, Damm Lemon uses lemons of the Mediterranean Primafiori variety, with a dash of Caribbean lime brewing up the most refreshing drink and sophisticated flavour.