Royal Orchid Hotel in Bangkok

In the early months of 1984, an extraordinary opportunity presented itself to me: to collaborate with Chef Michel Roux Snr and British Airways for a remarkable event called ‘Great Chefs of the World.’ The setting was the magnificent Royal Orchid Hotel in Bangkok, where I was about to embark on a culinary adventure like no other. It was a sensory overload as I encountered a whole new world of ingredients, textures, aromas, and the delicate balance and harmony of flavors.

Mark Prescott with Michel Roux Senior in Royal Orchard Hotel in Bangkok
Chef Mark Prescott in Marcro Polo Hotel, Singapore

Marco Polo Hotel in Singapore

The following year, in 1985, I had the privilege of participating in the same promotion, this time at the Marco Polo Hotel in Singapore. The vibrant food markets and the bustling street food scene at Newton Circus transported me to a realm beyond my wildest imagination. The culinary traditions of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan merged harmoniously, right there on the pavements. Even now, I can still conjure up the vivid images and tastes of the incredible dishes that surrounded me.


Paul Bocuse Ecole Hôtelière [Shizuo] Tsuji in Tokyo.

In 1989, during a much-deserved break from my position at Le Gavroche, I embarked on an awe-inspiring food odyssey. For an entire year, I immersed myself in the intricacies of Japanese cuisine as a student at the esteemed Paul Bocuse Ecole Hôtelière [Shizuo] Tsuji in Tokyo. Not only did I have the privilege of learning about Japanese cuisine, but I also had the honor of sharing my knowledge as a tutor of Classic French Cuisine. The experience was beyond anything I had ever dreamed of, and my passion for Asian cuisines remains as fervent as ever, etched in my soul and forever fueling my culinary pursuits.

Mark Prescott in Paul Bocuse Ecole Hôtelière [Shizuo] Tsuji, Tokyo.