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Jalapeno Tartare
£4.50 TF0040
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Fresh Alioli
£4.50 TF0012
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Mustard Mayonnaise Tapas
£4.20 TF0014
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Green Mojo
£4.50 TF0016
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Harissa Mayo
£4.50 TF0011
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Red Mojo
£4.20 TF0017
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Tomato Salsa
£4.50 TF0018
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So what’s on the menu?

Many of our Dips are expertly blended using several Great taste award winning ingredients combined by Executive Head Chef Mark Prescott. These flavour boasting Dips cater to all palate types including vegetarian and gluten free options. Recognised by their deluxe depths and layered flavouring, our authentic Dips are created using only the finest Spanish sourced produce with a splash of rich Olive or Sunflower oils. No longer worry about recipe ideas, we have you covered with the best ready made Spanish Fusion Tapas Bar Dips.