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Spanish Cheese & Tracklements
£15.50 TF0024
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Artisan Cured Spanish Cheese
£7.99 AG13212
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Artisan Spanish Cheese Cured with Paprika
£7.99 AG16312
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Artisan Spanish Cheese Cured with Rosemary
£7.99 AG16212
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Butter Cured Spanish Sheep Cheese (250g)
£7.99 AG16112
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Semi-Hard Pasteurised Spanish Sheep Cheese
£7.99 AG11112
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Spanish Artisan Cheese Cured in Olive Oil
£7.99 AG14212
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Tender Artisan Spanish Cheese with Walnuts
£7.99 AG11212
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Aged Artisan Cheese
£7.99 AG15212
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So what’s on the Cheese Board?

Try World Cheese Awards Gold Star winning Artisan Spanish Cheeses by Pago Valle de los Molinos. They produce cheese by hand from sheep’s milk exclusively from its livestock, with the traditional process of La Mancha cheese.The exquisite flavour and unique creaminess of the cheese are the result of the studied feeding received by the sheep from the livestock, which together with the complete control of the production process is a guarantee of sensorial quality, total traceability and respect for all the links in the chain, as well as care for the environment. Queso de oveja artesano curado al romero (Artisan rosemary-cured cheese) won a Super Gold award at the World Cheese Awards in 2018 and is regarded as one the best cheeses in the world. Also try our wonderful range of Manchego cheeses, Iberico cheeses, aged cheeses, butter cured cheese and flavoured cheeses.